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    The Epic Crush Of Genie Lo
    by F.C. Yee

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    A glorious, modern day adaptation of the Monkey King mythos.

    Fatal Reckoning
    by Marie Force

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    When Sam Holland's father dies from injuries sustained in a shooting four years prior during his time as Deputy Chief for the Metropolitan Police Dept., the investigation into the shooting which had gone cold is reopened. New information points to his shooting being related to the drive-by shooting of his partner ten years earlier. The dramatic conclusion will shake up not only Sam and her family, but the whole Metropolitan Police Force. This is by far my favorite of the series so far.

    Hop On Pop
    by Dr Seuss Books

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    Thought Mr.Brown being out of town was funny. Loved that the brother & sister got to HOP ON POP

    The Body In Question
    by Jill Ciment

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    This book was pretty good, but a bit of a downer. Fine.

    Money Making Moms
    by Crystal Paine

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    Great informative book. I learned a lot about home business and got some ideas of how to make my own business.

    The Duchess
    by Danielle Steel

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    All the recapping. The story dragged because the author keeps re-explaining what just happened or how the heroine was feeling. Seemed a lot of extra words that didn’t really add anything to the story.

    The Devil That Danced On The Water
    by Aminatta Forna

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    My knowledge of Sierra Leone's history is woefully lacking; I cannot even place it on a map of Africa. I finished reading this book thinking I must study at least the history of the time when the events referred to here in order to fully understand this daughter's story of the last ten years of her father's life and the first ten of hers. Most of the names of people and places are unknown to me yet the story Forna shares with her readers is a familiar one of other countries and their people fighting for a better life. As I reached the final pages and read "I could not absorb the idea of a country where the president was a man of hate" I gasped when I realized I thought not of Sierra Leone, but of my own beloved country. Forna's father wanted nothing more than to bring medical care to the people of his homeland, but was drawn into becoming a leader in the revolution to rid his country in this post-colonial period of power-hungry men who cared only for themselves. This book deserves a second read.

    Gokusen vol 8
    by Kozueko Morimoto

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    A new teacher has come and he's preying on Shin while trying to get Kumiko fired which is pretty unsettling for Shin. However we also got a super cute moment where Kumiko dresses up as a high school girl much to Shin's surprise (excitement?) and Shin gets dress up later in traditional loinclothes for a festival to Kumiko's surprise (excitement?). Note this series should probably be rated at PG13

    A Desperate Fortune Susanna Kearsley
    by Susanna Kearsley Books

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    I love Susanna Kearsley but in this one the flashbacks are much better than the present day parts.

    When All Is Said
    by Anne Griffin

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    Beautifully written book that made me feel so much. Read while traveling and literally sobbed in the middle of the airport. A life spanning story told through toasts and letters. Clever, lyrical, and oh, so Irish.

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