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Where'd You Go Bernadette
by Maria Semple

This was more of an average book for me. I don't get the appeal of it and why there's a movie made after it. I read that it was supposed to be humorous and I didn't really get that. I want to laugh when I read a book with humor. Someone please tell me what I missed??

The Oysterville Sewing Circle
by Susan Wiggs

Caroline is devastated by loss of her career. Finds herself returning home, and guardian of two small children whose mother died of a drug overdose. The mystery surrounding the mother's death leads to a case of domestic abuse. Caroline ventures to try to help others to stop this violence and help others in this situation.

The Princess In Black
by Shannon Hale

This is a cute story about a princess with a secret identity. She fights monsters as the princess in black, but nobody knows who she really is!

The Wide Window
by Lemony Snicket

The third book in the series tells of the Baudelaire orphans’ adventures with their Aunt Josephine. Just as good as books 1 and 2!

The Wishing Spell
by Chris Colfer

(speaking as an elementary librarian) This series has been popular with 4th and 5th graders for years and I've finally gotten around to reading it. It's delightful! Fun, charming, and adventurous. Definitely recommend!

Witness In Death
by J.D. Robb

Not my favorite of the series. The mystery and the characters involved in it didn't do much for me. If you are reading the series, don't skip it. I'll probably not read it again though.

The Joy Luck Club
by Amy Tan

I think I would have given it a 5 if I had used the standard book instead of the audiobook. It was difficult to follow between the mother and daughters' perspectives/memories that way. But the story gave you some things to reflect on: family, identity, home.

A Lady's Guide To Gossip And Murder Dianne Freeman
by Dianne Freeman

Very nicely done. This is the 1st I have read of Dianne Freeman -- the 2d in this cozy mystery of another Victorian titled widow with a penchant of working with a handsome bachelor who has connections to ease her through a murder investigation

Night Sky of North America
by National Geographic

This is a handy little pocket guide filled with lots of information as well as pictures of the constellations. It is nice to check out and explore something like this but ultimately if you took star gazing up as a hobby, you would want to have your own copy.

Beneath A Ruthless Sun
by Gilbert King

Highly recommend this book. This book angered me. The people in power were absolutely corrupt and atrocious.

The Reptile Room
by Lemony Snicket

The second book in the series follow the Baudelaire orphans as they are placed in the care of Dr. Montgomery. Well written and funny!

Honestly We Meant Well
by Grant Ginder

A light, sometimes funny read. This is about a rather bumbly family’s unraveling. It has a satisfying end.

Escape From The Isle Of The Lost
by Melissa De La Cruz

I enjoyed reading this fourth book about the Disney Villain kids. This answers questions about things that happened between the second and third Descendants movies

The Boxcar Children
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

This was a graphic novelization of the book, and I felt like it skipped over some key information

Ally's Mad Mystery
by Jessica Brody

This is a descendants school of secrets book. It follows Ally, the daughter of Alice in Wonderland as she tries to solve a mystery and prove that she has what it takes to be a detective.
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