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    If I'm Being Honest
    by Emily Wibberley

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    A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”. The main character was hard to like for the majority of the book. Slow moving plot with a good but predictable ending.

    One Seal
    by John Stadler

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    This was an excellent Book! I would recommend it for K-2 grade. I love it most for all the different sea animals. My favorite animal of all was the seal, the main character.

    Fates And Furies
    by Laura Groff

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    Beautifully written, but ended up having a surprisingly sentimental perspective on marriage which I did not think did either the husband or wife justice

    If You See Her
    by Ania Ahlborn

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    Love her books as always. She is very creative and her books just fly by when you are reading them.

    A Jar of Hearts
    by Jennifer Hillier

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    This book is a great summer read! It has a thrilling plot line and is well written. As an adoptive parent myself, my only request to the author would be to change her adoption language from "gave up her child" to "placed her child". This gives dignity to birth parents and shows that birth mothers who chose adoption are still CHOOSING what is best for their child (and not giving up)

    by Terry Pratchett

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    A comical parallel to the Phantom of the Opera; and an interesting look into the wrong masks playing in our lives. A must read for anyone who loves the Discworld series.

    A Lady's Guide To Gossip And Murder
    by Dianne Freeman

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    A classic cozy set in 1899 London with a side dish of romance. A good summer easy read. The core plot could easily be moved forward 100 years with the same effect.

    Little Black Book of Suicide Notes
    by Adele Paula Royce

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    I listened to this on Audible and definitely recommend people do the same. It has accompanying music with it and really makes it powerful.

    A Perfect Obsession
    by Heather Graham

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    Another excellent book with Craig and Kieran joining forces to catch a killer murdering beautiful women on the East Coast, including Fredericksburg!

    Its Only Stanley
    by Jon Agee

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    I thought this book was pretty funny it is awesome

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