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    Book Reviews
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    by Kenneth Oppel

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    Quite an interesting read! Can't wait for the next book in the series coming in the fall!

    Serious Moonlight
    by Jenn Bennett

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    3.5 Stars Pretty good YA novel. There's romance and mystery which are my favorites. I always expect drama when I read young adult books and this author didn't disappoint. I liked that there was a mystery the young couple were trying to figure out while also falling for one another (backwards I might add). I felt like Birdie maybe should've been a little more...less(?) for how sheltered she was. We get our HEA and that's all that matters! This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be my last!

    The Second Home
    by Christina Clancy

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    Really enjoyed this debut novel by Christina Clancy. The Gordon family traveled every summer from Milwaukee to the Cape for the summer, a trip that was usually always enjoyed by everyone, except for one summer that left Ann pregnant, Poppy mad, and their adopted brother, Michael, disappearing. Fast forward fifteen years and the parents are tragically killed in a car accident coming home from the Cape. Ann lives in Boston, Poppy is a wanderer that cannot sit still, and Michael is still gone. There is no will to be found which Ann knows that is totally out of her dad's character - he was a planner. There is a renter in the Milwaukee house that wants to buy the home so that is covered. Ann has finally told Poppy and she is on her way home. Coming back to the Cape is bringing back lots of memories for Ann. Some good and some bad. Poppy has her own resentments and Ann has hers. As they both deal with the house and their emotions, Michael steps back into their lives. Can they all put their pasts behind them or will they forever be harboring their secrets?

    The Geography Of Lost Things
    by Jessica Brody

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    An amazing book. I bought it at my school's fall book fair, and I loved it. It's an amazing story of family, love, and discovering who you are. I highly recommend this book!

    Uni The Unicorn
    by Amy Rosenthal

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    This book is about a unicorn that believed in little girls. I liked this book because of all the bright colors and uni's determination that little girls were real and how she never gave up.

    My Brilliant Friend
    by Elena Ferrante

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    Truly excellent. Not much more I can say about it except that I can't wait to read the other three novels in the series.

    Wild Highway
    by Devney Perry

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    I really enjoyed the second book in this series! Gemma overcame so much but yet with all her success she was still missing and home.

    A Clash Of Kings
    by George R. R. Martin

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    Another incredible read, in my mind even better then the first. Strongly recommend reading!

    Two-Gun: The Forgotten Legend of Will Adams
    by William Lee Adams

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    This was a fascinating read that takes place in the Wild West. Typically I don’t find that era very interesting but this has opened my eyes. It is a great story with cowboys during westward expansion!

    First Comes Scandal
    by Julia Quinn

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    Georgiana Bridgerton was kidnapped by the village bad boy and even though she was rescued before anything happens her reputation is ruined. Nicolas Rokesby is told by his father that he is going to marry Georgiana to repair her reputation.

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