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Staff are currently contacting Summer Reading Raffle Prize winners to determine at which branch they would like to pick up their prizes. Once the prize has reached a branch, the staff will contact the winner to arrange for Curbside Pickup. Please allow for longer delivery times than usual, and do not try to pick up your prize before being contacted by staff at the branch.

Summer Reading Book Prizes:

Children and teens earned book prizes for reading 1000 and 2000 minutes. Books are now available for pickup during Curbside Pickup hours. If you have received notification that your child has earned one or more books, please call the Youth Services desk of your home branch during Curbside Pickup hours at 540-372-1144 or 804-472-3820. The Youth Services staff will help you select your book(s) and arrange for you to pick them up curbside.

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    by Steve Alten

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    Not a bad story but I don't think I'll continue with the series (except I'm listening to Orgins now because it started right after the novel). With this week being shark week and I keep seeing stuff about sharks, I thought why not read a shark book. I loved the movie so I picked this one. I guess my imagination just isn't as good as the movie made it because the book fell flat. I'm thinking from now on I'll just watch shark movies on shark week!

    The Truths We Hold
    by Kamala Harris

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    This book was excellent! It was well written and I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Kamala Harris and her core beliefs.

    Dead Leprechauns & Devil Cats
    by Grady Hendrix

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    I didn't enjoy this short story collection at all. I love Grady Hendrix, but this one was a disappointing miss for me.

    So You Want To Talk About Race
    by Ijeoma Oluo

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    This was an excellent audiobook! I highly recommend it.

    Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
    by Alison Goodman

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    A VERY good book about a teen named Eona who disguises herself as a boy in order to train to be a dragoneye apprentice. But when she is rejected by the dragon she's supposed to be chosen by and is instead chosen by a dragon nobody has seen in 500 years a intricate and complicated plot emerges involving the throne, a traitorous uncle, and a dangerous secret. And it all has to do with Eona and her dragon. 15+

    Circle Of Friends
    by Maeve Binchy

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    Wonderful to read, even though I'm 81 years old I can see myself in the story. It probably helps because she is one of my favorite authors. Since being quarantined, it seems like all I do is quilt and read. I'm very grateful that I enjoy both things a lot.

    That Forever Girl
    by Meghan Quinn

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    Rogan and Harper grew up being best friends and then fiance. After a bad break up they are back in Port Snow together. Can they find their way back to each other?

    Thursdays At Eight
    by Debbie Macomber

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    Great story of friends who meet weekly and discuss their lives.

    The World's Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress
    by Lisa Crane

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    Cute short clean read. Likeable characters. Stand alone but part of a series.

    I Am Leonardo Da Vinci
    by Brad Meltzer

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    I really enjoy this series of books! The illustrations are fun and keep kids interested while also learning fun and important facts. One thing that I never knew (pretty sure we were never told this in school!) is that Da Vinci is NOT his last name but instead tells where he's from. So when people just call him Da Vinci, they could be talking about anyone from Vinci, Italy! :-) This man did many brilliant things in his lifetime. I liked seeing actual pictures of his stuff too.

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