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    The Prince Of Tennis 18
    by Takeshi Konomi

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    I love sports mangas and animes. They're so thrilling to read and inspiring. Prince of Tennis is basically like Kuroko no Basuke in the sense that it is more fantasy than a straight up realistic sports manga/anime. I know a lot of people dismiss this manga because it's unrealistic. Most of the tennis moves shown in this manga are impossible to do in real life with some possible but in a very, very tone down fashion. But heck, what do I know, I only played tennis like thrice in my life.

    The Icebound Land
    by John Flanagan

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    A fun book following Will and Evanlyn on their way to Skandia.

    Say I love you 11
    by Kanae Hazuki

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    Say "I Love You" (the English translation) is a beautiful, heart-warming manga series. It exhibits the true essence of adolescent love and relationships, without sugar-coating everything with stomach-wrenching adorable traits.

    An Unwanted Guest
    by Shari Lapena

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    This is the first book that I have read from this author and I will definitely read another after finishing this one. Shari does a great job of setting up the Mitchell's Inn where the murder mystery takes place, you can easily imagine being there right along with the characters. The characters are well thought out to create a big picture and keep you guessing as to who the unwanted guest might be. The end twist pleasantly surprised me.

    Unfuk Yourself
    by Gary John Bishop

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    A pretty typical self help book but delivered by a new voice. Bishop focuses on self talk and how we can use that internal dialogue to push ourselves towards what we want. He asks us to question what we are willing and unwilling to put up with in our lives and fully take responsibility for how our lives are.

    The Caretakers Guide To Fablehaven
    by Brandon Mull

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    Almost done reading my book going to need to get another one.

    Pale As Death
    by Heather Graham

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    Heather Graham works her magic blending crime suspense with the supernatural in this story of LA police and the FBI's Krewe of Hunters working together to solve the murders of young actresses reminiscent of the Black Dahlia mystery.

    China Rich Girlfriend
    by Kevin Kwan

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    The second installment in the Crazy Rich Asians is just as wacky and fun as the first. It took me a little bit to pick it back up since I had left too long since reading the first one but once the familiar characters like Nick Yung, Rachel Chu, and Astrid appeared, I was hooked again. I recommend the audio version of this series.

    The Summer Guests
    by Mary Alice Monroe

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    An unlikely group of people evacuate Fla and Sc to the home of the Phillips in NC. Many twists and turns in this story. Mary ALice turns from "turtles" to horses and dogs in this book!

    by Marrisa Meyers

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    A fun retelling of the Cinderella story. I love how spunky of a character she is. Strong, intelligent and independent without the need of a fairy Godmother. I can't wait to see more of the series

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